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One Day Van Insurance - Cheap, Simple Cover

Welcome to - We offer temporary, short term and daily commercial vehicle policies, covering you from one to twenty eight days.

If you are looking for a fast, simple and hassle free service then you have come to the right place, covered in only 2 minutes no waiting around or endless telephone conversations just simply go to the top of the page choose the vehicle you wish to insure, click and you will be taken through to our quotation form simply fill it out and you will be given a quote.

If you are happy to proceed then simply accept and you are covered! We will email you a copy of the policy immediately to your email account (It is best to print it off if possible and keep it within the vehicle) you can even use the policy note to tax a vehicle at a local post office.

1 Day Van Insurance - Simple, Fast Cover for 1 to 28 Days

Looking for the best 1 day van insurance? You can purchase 1 - 28 day policies from us today and be insured to drive on the open road within a couple of minutes, we have made the whole process as easy as possible no long forms or a million questions just a simple and stress free experience this is why we retain 80% of our previous customers.

If you are looking to be covered from 1 to 28 days then our policies are the best you can buy, we offer basic policies so you’re not paying for lots of thrills when they are not required.

With our policies you can use the vehicle within Europe but be aware that your standard policy will only insure you for third party, fire and theft if you require fully comprehensive insurance then please let us know and we can arrange this for you when you take your policy out.

Temporary Van Insurance - Why You May Require Temp Van Cover

Looking for Simple, fast temporary van insurance? There are numerous reasons that you may require temporary cover, most common is when you have a load of rubbish to clear out the garage or the shed and a friend has offered you their van for the day, it can work out extremely expensive to add an additional vehicle to your existing policies so it is always best to use a one day policy.

A further common use is if you have a family member that is moving house or a child that is off to university and you don’t want to pay the cost of using a professional moving company.

You can choose how many days you have the policy over and can add more days at any time so its all about convenience you dictate how long your require the cover for so why not get a simple, fast quotation today and be covered within a few minutes.

So if your looking for a fast, simple & cost effective quote on 1 - 28 day van insurance why not get a quote today and be covered to drive in only a couple of minutes!